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New studio at The Farm Margaret River, Covid 19 and motherhood

After three years of researching both science history and horticulture on a specific plant species after graduating biological arts at UWA in 2017, I was fortunate enough to rent a studio at The Farm Margaret River that engages with agricultural sciences and visual arts. This location will allow me to delve deeply about relationships between plants and human. I aim to create site specific art projects.

Here are some images of me working at the studio in an early stage starting from late March. At the similar time, I was informed that I was going to start a new job after an interview but unfortunately the employers had to close the place. There were only four places that I and my family would go - home, studio, shops and petrol stations. When we are at the studio, I always have to make sure there are at least three watercolours on the palette, stickers, scissors, papers, glue, children magazine, specific lunches, snacks, fruits, baby wipes, changed clothes, water bottle, milk bottles and nappies, etc for my daughter. We have been inseparable for quite some time. The process is slow, but I am truly grateful that we both find peace in the arts. The second image is a study/sketch of specific decayed flowers that held lots of stories about human death. There is too much to create.

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